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Norton is worldwide popular and one of the most preferred antivirus software for both personal and official computers and other gadgets. Norton is such as reliable security software that it not just removing small viruses and informs users about the bugs but it offers overall and secure environment against online threats and phishing activities. can offer best security to not only Mac and Windows but it also protects tablets and even mobile phones completely against viruses. With below mentioned steps you can get complete information about Norton installation and activation procedures.

Steps of Norton com setup-

  • First of all just go to your preferred browser and type
  • Now in next step just click on the button “Sign In”
  • Now you have to type the Norton activation code correctly and you have to choose “Country and Language” according to your geo location
  • In next steps you have to click on the option “Install” to begin the process of downloading
  • Finally by choosing the option “Run” you can have access to your Norton Setup software.

Steps of Norton com activation with Retail Card

Being a user of Norton antivirus security software you can activate it with help of retail card also. To do this you need to visit Once you have reached here you need to enter your Norton product key which would have 25 characters long. Just enter this key correctly and after that provide some other details accurately which are being asked. Follow online instructions and now downloading and activation process will begin on your device.

Steps of using Preinstall Tool-

Below are the steps through which you can use pre-install tool. Just go through it and in case of some confusion Norton com setup experts can be contacted.

  • First of all you have to download the Pre-installation tool.
  • After completion of downloading you have to double-click on “Pre-installation_tool.exe” file and follow upcoming instructions and provide exact information when asked.
  • Now you will see a warning message and you have to go through it carefully after that, just click “OK” to become agree with all changes.
  • In next step after completion of Pre-installation Tool you have to click options “OK” and then after click “CLOSE”. Finally restart your device.

Steps of subscription renewal

Here are the steps which are helpful of renewal process of Norton com subscription.

  • First of all you should open your Norton account and log-in with your credentials.
  • In next step you have to choose “My Account”. This option would be available at the top of your “My Account page”, so reach it and click                                
  • In next step you have to click on “All expired” in order to check your all expired subscriptions. Note that you can also click on option “View active” and this will show you details of your unexpired subscriptions.
  • In next option you have to choose the subscription that you actually want to renew and after that just hit option “Renew”.
  • In next step carefully fill your details of Billing and other information which are being asked. Just enter all information correctly and keep it secure from others.
  • Once your payment is successful after that your process of renewal is complete.

If you are still unable to renew then connect with Norton activation teams and follow their instructions online.

Steps of changing Norton antivirus account password-

If you wish to change your Norton account password then following steps must be followed-

  • To change Norton password first of all you have to type in search bar. After that log-in to your Norton account with accurate credentials.
  • Now look at the top of your ‘My Account page” and here just chose “My Account” after that choose “My Profile” option
  • Now look at the top of the “Account Information section” and here just click on option “Update”.
  • In next step you have to provide your new desired password for Norton account. Just keep it strong and complex and also do not share with anyone for security reasons. Finally you have to click on to the option “Save” to apply all the changes which you have made. Now you new password would be active. In case of confusion with online instruction contact Norton installation support teams.

Steps to uninstall Norton product before installing a new one?

If you are already using any Norton product on your devices either on personal computers, laptops or phones and want to reinstall it to use any new such Norton products then you must complete some procedures. Being a user you have to operate Norton consumer product removing software carefully and without error. It will completely clean all or any old documents from your devices. It also helps you to ensure that you are having the newest version of products and services and they can be successfully recognized. Now just go through following steps and can also connect with Norton setup experts for help.

  • First of all you have to make completely sure that you are having up to date version of your current Windows.
  • Once it is done then after you have to download and run the Norton preinstall tool successfully.
  • Please keep in mind that if you are having any existing software then it becomes mandatory to uninstall it first.
  • When all above steps are completed then in final step you have to run the “Norton Consumer Product Removal also known as NPR” tool and after that you are ready install the new desired product. For installation of new product you should follow all the steps and online instructions carefully and without error. Once all done, you device is again secure with new version of desired Norton product. In case of any issue experts are available at help lines.

All above mentioned steps are useful and easy to follow for activation, installation and renewal of Norton products and subscriptions as well. Technical issues and errors are unpredictable and can occur at any moment. In case of technical issues or when assistance is needed then certified Norton experts can be contacted. Any regular or new user of Norton who wants security of their resources can get effective suggestion and tips online.